fredag 24. oktober 2014



I’m trying something new this time…

Some of my readers speak English, so I’m trying to write in English to honor them. Just this once…

Friday. Weekend….should be overwhelming with joy but my instinct and worrying-heart is anxious. Why? I’m sending my 14 year old to Poland Sunday night. It’s a school-project called “Faces of diversity” meant to stimulate cooperation between different cultures and prevent xenophobia and racism.

They will be visiting the museum build where Treblinka stood:

This is the hotel where she is going to stay for five days:

So I guess she is going to be OK and it will be a giant and useful experience.

But my anxiety is due to something more selfish, something more down-to-earth I guess…. I’m getting older, my firstborn isn’t a babygirl anymore, her first hesitant steps away from her parents….

I guess it’s inevitable……I have to let her go…..

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